”Earplugs, I have tried 'em all. Surfplugs are the best available”Steve, @outdoorboutique
”I just wanted to thank you for the Surfplugs. They're great, I use them regularly and I'm not getting earache anymore!”Kira Isacoff-Nash, Surfer, South Wales
”The days of getting out of the surf and having Blu-tac residue hanging out of your ear is gone. You can hear reasonably well with them and they keep the water out completely. I wish I started using them 10 years ago.”Rob Barber, CARVE Magazine
”The Surfplugs are fantastic. Rob himself is personable and relaxed but at the same time has a wealth of knowledge about Surfers Ear. My Surfplugs fit exceptionally, are comfortable and extend the amount of time I feel I can stay in the water.”Russ Woodcock, Truro, Cornwall

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