Surfplugs will be around on the Sunday 10am - 3pm for advice and information With Free Surfersear check and Free Impressions. Check out all the Fun details for the day below :-) Read more»



COME ALONG TO THIS GREAT EVENT - Surfplugs will be around on the Saturday for free advice and information and free surfersear check. Offering free impressions with Surfplugs. Come along and learn about surfersear, ear infections and how important it is to look after your ears, you only get one pair, protect them!! Why not check out Holme Pierrpoint - Nottingham White Water Centre at the same time say hello to all the staff and Barry at Desperate Measures Store for all equipment & clothing advice, demo boats. Why not try rafting or climbing a great dayout for all the family. Read more»



Surfplugs will be around on the Satuday for free advice and information, free Surfersear check and free impressions with Surfplugs. Come along and learn about Surfersear, ear infections and how important it is to look after your ears, you only get one pair, protect them!! Why not check out Newquay Activity Center at the same time say hello to Rob Barber and the team for all your activities. Surfing, Coasteering, SUP and Body Boarding. A great day out for all the family :-) Read more»



Make sure you pop along to this great funding raising event for children. Enjoy a fun filled family day out. Learn about Surfersear, ear infections and how important it is to look after your ears, you only get one pair, protect them!! Free ear checks, free impressions with Surfplugs, information and advice. Read more»

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The UK's biggest canoe and kayak show returns to Exeter for its 10th event, hosted by AS watersports. Pop along and see us at this great event free ear checks, free impressions with Surfplugs, information and advice. Dont forget to buy your tickets for the after party :-)

UK's Chief Examiner Music Technology A Level supports Surfplugs!

About 3 years ago you made me some vented surfplugs. They are the most amazing things ever. It means I can carry on surfing; without surfplugs, I could no longer surf. I am a musician for a living so need immaculate hearing - I couldn't risk my bone growing any further; I'm about 80% blocked in my right ear. The doctor says that there has been no further growth in the last three years even though I surf 4 times a week. Read this story»

Tassy Swallow's Olympic effort

Tassy Swallow, Cornish Surfer and Surfplugs teamrider can now add Olympic Torch bearer to her CV. Tassy received the 'Kiss' from British competetive sailor Ben Ainslee and proudly walked it from Lands End into Cornwall as torch bearer no.2. Its great that young surfers are getting this recognition in sporting achievements and helps to raise the profile of British surfing. When will we see Surfing as an Olympic sport? Read this story»

Surfplugs Theo Paphitis business award

Surfplugs was recognised by Theo Paphitis as one of 6 Small Business Sunday award winners in November 2010. March 30th 2012 saw an amazing gathering of all the previous winners at Edgbaston Cricket ground in Birmingham and Rob Shaddick, founder of Surfplugs, was invited along to the event. Read this story»

A fantastic shot of our logo

I always get a buzz when I see the Surfplugs logo somewhere. Usually it's on the back of a van, somebodys board or stuck on a road sign. But occasionally our logos turn up in magazines when a photographer has submitted a photo of some grom doing a massive air and our logo can just be seen in the photo. It's probably too small for the reader to recognise but I do and I think it's great. So... you can imagine how stoked I was to see this great underwater shot from Zac Gibson which proudly displays 'Surfplugs' across the nose. Yes, its the end of a wave, yes the surfer has buried his feet in the face of the wave and yes the photo was taken by accident ... but sometimes those brief moments of randomness produce the longest memories. Read this story»

The development of the Surfplug

Well I suppose at some point you need to know who started Surfplugs. it was Rob Shaddick, Devon boy, Surfer, Surfers Ear Sufferer, Previous NHS Audiologist & Surfplugs developer. The problems with developing a Surfplug for surfing & watersports is finding a product that stays in. There are many products out there in Surf Shops but most end up falling out of your ears, clogging up the oceans or spending eternity rotting in the bottom of your wetsuit bin. Off the shelf earplugs will fit if you have a 'standard' ear but what about when Surfers ear has started to progress, or you have that awkward shaped ear or you just want the ultimate fit on the market Read this story»

What does Surfers Ear look like?

Well you can't tell by just looking at someone, but as soon as you start looking into the ear canal the full horror of surfers ear starts to reveal itself. The slow growth of bone starts to close the ear canal - here's a picture of Tim Ellman-Brown's right ear, he's a surfer from Newquay (pictured above) but he's got some seriously messed up surfers ear! If you need to compare it with a normal ear then look at the inset photo which is the a normal open and clear ear canal. Read this story»

What causes Surfers Ear?

Many people ask me 'what actually causes surfers ear?' If we look at the most basic explanation it is growth of the bone within the ear canal caused by the cooling effect of the wind over the moist skin layers. Its a protective mechanism, the ears are trying to close and restrict water into the ear. Read this story»

Surfplugs assist Paddle4Relief charity

At Surfplugs a percentage of our sales go to the Paddle4Relief charity. We thought we would let you know what they are doing with the money. Paddle4Relief, with the assistance of Surf Relief UK and Christian Surfers UK, have successfully shipped a consignment of surf boards and surf equipment to Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka and area devestated by the 2004 Tsunami. Read this story»

Ben Haworth scoops gold

Surfplugs rider Ben Haworth wins first place at the Jesus Long Board Classic in Polzeath, Cornwall. He sealed the win with a progressive 'fins out' manoeuvre off the lip in the final in what was a perfect 2-3 foot clean conditions scoring 8.8 and a 9.2 in the last two waves of the final. Read this story»

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