”For years I used off-the-shelf products until I tried Surfplugs. Surfplugs are so much better!”Ben, 6ftOffshore.com
”Thank you for the quick work on my Surfplugs. They arrived this morning, I can only say what a brilliant job and an awsome fit.”Russ Cooke, Devon, UK
”Just to say thanks for the Surfplugs, they are great! They have completely stopped my ear aches after swimming.”Jonah Spencer, Bideford, Devon, UK
”Been in the water for a couple of surfs with my new Surfplugs and loving them. Keep up the good work.”G Stoy, Georges Surf School

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use Surfplugs®?

Surfers, kitesurfers, wind surfers, swimmers, SUP, paddle boarders, wakeboarders, waterskiers, surf kayakers, white water kayakers, open water swimmers, surf instructors, coasteering, watersport. They are not suitable for SCUBA diving or FREE diving.

How do Surfplugs® fit?

They are custom moulded to your ear using a simple medical impression taking procedure by your local audiologist. The ear canal & the natural folds of your outer ear along with the lacquer finish will ensure that the Surfplugs® stay in place even during high energy & extreme water sport.

What are Surfplugs® made of?

A medical grade silicone finished with a lacquer coating suitable for ear plugs.

What colours do you supply?

Surfplugs® are supplied as a two colour or three colour swirl or zebra stripe effect (single colours available if required). We can supply anything apart from metallic colours or clear & always like to take on a new colour challenge!

What is the graphics option?

Our graphics upgrade is the addition of logos (if you have permission) or any images, pictures and even photos to the Surfplugs®. Bold simple images are most effective. This upgrade is £10.00.

Do you supply a storage pouch for the Surfplugs®?

Yes, a funky little waterproof zip pouch is supplied with every pair of Surfplugs®.

Can the Surfplugs® be connected together by a cord?

Yes, we fit the cord as standard but please note it is not a restraint.  Designed if the cord is snagged/caught to pop out. The leash can be trapped under your wetsuit Velcro for added security.  Always check to see secure. Please note the cord is not designed to be repeatedly removed & refitted as this will damage the Surfplugs® If you prefer not to have a cord fitted then this may be removed by simply unscrewing the leash from the Surfplugs®,  This will leave a small hole which will not cause any problems but for cosmetic purposes we are happy to fill and seal the hole free of charge if you send the Surfplugs®,  back to us.

Can I clean my Surfplugs®?

Yes, use warm soapy water or a very mild sterilising solution.

Are Surfplugs® safe?

Yes, we use a recognised process for the impression taking & manufacturing of Surfplugs® & they are made from medical grade silicone materials. However, the earplug & the safety cord are not certified for use as a hearing protector

How long will Surfplugs® last?

We expect the typical lifetime of Surfplugs® to be 3 to 4 years although some natural anatomical changes to the ears may require an update sooner.

How much do Surfplugs® cost?

Surfplugs® cost £79.99 + the cost of the impression taking. Impressions costs vary significantly worldwide but expect to pay around £30 - £50 from a private audiologist. Or visit us in Devon, UK for FREE impressions. Second sets can be ordered at the discounted rate at of £49.99 whilst we have your ear shape on file (3 years from point of initial order). Graphics upgrades are £10 & postage is FREE worldwide. (All prices £ sterling)

Are Surfplugs® worth the money?

Yes, if you have ever experienced surfers ear, infections or time out of the water due to surgery or on a surf trip waiting for antibiotics to work then the answer is a massive YES. Board £500, Wetsuit £250, Travel £600, protection against infections & surfers ear £PRICELESS.

Do Surfplugs® have a warranty?

Yes, the workmanship is guaranteed for 1 year. They are not guaranteed against loss in use. This guarantee does not cover natural wear and tear, neglect or abuse.

I live in the UK how do I get Surfplugs®?

Book an appointment with us for FREE impressions or use the audiologist finder facility in our ordering section to find your local audiologist. They will take the impressions of your ears; then simply send the impressions to us with the completed order form.

I live outside the UK, how do I get Surfplugs®?

Use the audiologist finder facility in our ordering section to find your local audiologist. They will take the impressions of your ears; then simply send the impressions to us with the completed order form.

Do I need to pay a customs charge?

Although you may have paid for the impression taking service the completed impressions have no commercial value. The customs declaration must be marked as 'ear moulds of NO commercial value' & listed with a nominal value of 1p. This will ensure that no customs charges are applicable. Where customs declarations have not been made or are completed incorrectly then any fees associated with import duty and taxes will be charged to the sender.

How much do impressions cost?

We do not charge for impression taking but if using an private independent audiologist or hearing aid professional then they will typically charge around £25 - £30. It's worth contacting a few local audiologists as prices will vary. Ensure that you ask ONLY for the impressions and NOT earplugs.

Does impression taking hurt?

No, it is a simple painless procedure that takes about 5 minutes.

How long do Surfplugs® take to make?

Turnaround time is typically 7 to 10 days.We do provide a priority UK service at extra cost.

Do you keep my Surfplugs® impressions on file?

Yes, we keep your impressions on file for 3 years so we can remake an extra set at any time for you. After 3 years most ear canals have developed and changed shape & the impression will be destroyed. We will contact you before we destroy your impressions & give you the opportunity of re-ordering at the discounted rate.

Can I get a spare set of Surfplugs®?

Yes, we keep your impressions on file for 3 years and within this time you can have as many spare sets made at £49.99 a pair.

Will Surfplugs® affect my balance?

No, some people feel that earplugs affect balance but this is simply a change in spatial awareness. There are no physical affects to your balance by using any type of earplug and we have plenty of surfers using them.

Are Surfplugs® completely watertight?

The goal is a watertight fit & Surfplugs® will achieve this in most situations. However, we cannot guarantee this due to anatomical variability in peoples ears. In all situations the flushing affect of water & wind chill will be reduced & it is this that will assist in preventing Surfers Ear.

Are Surfplugs® guaranteed to stay in?

Surfplugs® are an awesome fit but on rare occasion a Surfplug may be lost in use. We do not and will not guarantee against this as variables exist between the ear anatomy of individuals. However, this percentage of known loss to date is less than 4% of all supplied Surfplugs®, we also fit the cord as further security.

Can I get a replacement if I lose a Surfplug?

Yes, Simply email or phone us & if we have your impressions on file then we charge £29.99 for a single side replacement or £49.99 for a new pair. Postage is FREE worldwide.

Will Surfplugs® prevent infections & surfers ear?

Yes, Surfplugs® will reduce the incidence of infections & help to prevent against the growth of surfers ear by keeping water & wind chill out of the ear canal.

Can I use Surfplugs® with ear infections, post surgery, perforations or grommets?

Yes, Surfplugs® are fitted and manufactured by ear care professionals & can be used in these conditions. However, you should rely on the advice of your doctor who will be able to advise if Surfplugs® are suitable for your particular medical condition.

Will Surfplugs® prevent swimmers ear?

Yes, Surfplugs® reduce the incidence of swimmers ear which is an infection of the skin layers of the ear. Swimmers ear & infection is particularly common in the tropics where higher toxin levels in the water & humid environments can lead to infection problems.

Can I use Surfplugs® in a swimming pool?

Yes, Surfplugs® are unaffected by chlorine levels in swimming pools.

Do you recommend Surfplugs® for children?

Yes, Surfplugs® are suitable for children. However, you will need to replace the Surfplugs® about every 6 to 12 months whilst their ears are growing. We are happy to provide the service but tend to discourage Surfplugs® until children are about 14 or 15 years of age when their ear size is more stable.

Can Surfplugs® be used as hearing protectors?

No, they are not CE certified as a hearing protector & should not be worn in this situation.

How much will I hear when using Surfplugs®?

Surfplugs® will reduce a certain amount of sound, however, once you are used to wearing Surfplugs® then normal conversation & environmental sounds can still be heard. We have several surf & outward bound instructors that successfully use Surfplugs® with their classes.

Are Surfplugs® better then off-the-shelf products?

Yes, Surfplugs® were developed by surfers for surfers and the custom nature ensure comfort, durability, performance & a product that is unlikely to become dislodged even in heavy surf & extreme water sport. We keep your impressions on file; they are supplied with a security leash, full fitting instructions & a storage pouch. Life expectancy is up to 4 years.

What do I do if want to remove the security leash?

The security leash can be unscrewed and will leave a small hole in the Surfplugs®, this will not affect the performance or let in water. The security leash is not designed to be repeatedly removed and refitted. If you wish for us to cosmetically fill the hole in the Surfplugs® then we are happy to do this for you.

What if my Surfplugs® don’t fit correctly?

Email us, we can ensure you are fitting them correctly and determine if we need to alter them slightly to fit. if you can provide a close up photo of the Surfplugs® in the ear that may assist us in diagnosing any fitting problems.

Who manufacturers the Surfplugs®?

Surfplugs® are manufactured and checked by ear care professionals ensuring that we can control the quality & fit of the product at every stage.

Can I exchange web links with Surfplugs®?

Yes, If you’re a surf related site or have a surfers profile page then sure, add our details and we will add you to our links page.

How do I pay for my Surfplugs®?

We can invoice via secure online server 'Paypal' and also accept Bacs payments, cheque or cash.

Who is behind Surfplugs®?

Surfplugs is a trading name of Surfplugs Ltd, owner Neil Bennett